Water Supply & Drainage Section


The Water Supply & Drainage sector was handed over to the provincial council under the 13th amendment in the concurrent list. The ministry is handling this sector as a section and with the support of the  National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Department of National Community Water Supply, Divisional Secretariats, and Local Authorities. Here the Ministry is mainly focusing on supplying drinking water as it is a basic need for human beings. The fund allocation for water supply is given by Criteria Based Grants (CBG)


Pure Drinking water for all in Southern Province


Supply of safe drinking water to all rural and urban areas of the southern province where people suffer from lack of safe drinking water by implementing water projects and extending pipeline of main water sources


  • provide the allocation for water supply which is not covered by NWS&DB.
  • According to the public request, we allocate the funds for water projects, extending pipeline of major water supply schemes, tube wells, and community-based water projects.
  • Publicity and community awarenses programs on effective use of water, water polution and e-waste disposal.
  • Collecting e-waste and dispose them in propper manner.
  • Development of watershed areas.
  • COnducting projects forwaste water management.