Food Supply & Distribution


To be the premier in southern province by providing facilities required for food supply and distribution process in accordance national standards.


To establish an efficient and methodical food supply and distribution process according to the standards for all livelihoods in southern province through technological transfer, adequate training and infrastructure facilities 

Over view

Food is the fundamental requirement for the survival of all animals as well as human beings. So far, society has been established a distinct food culture consists of diverse food behaviors based on nutritional value, taste and other food related factors without restrict to purpose of survival.

In the contemporary society nature of the food culture has been influenced by vast number of sociological and cultural aspects which may cause lots of unforeseen and threats on human life.

Foods included by various chemicals, chemicals used in various cultivation purposes (fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, etc.) can be elaborated as devastating examples for building threats in the environment. These chemical compounds create lots of hazards to human beings. This is the reason for the prevalence of numerous non – communicable diseases all over the world. So, time come over to find out the solutions to wipeout these threats.

In addition to this circumstance, there are lots of shortcomings are arose in food distribution process in relevance to the prices of foods based on terrestrial variety. Thus, surplus productions of certain foods in some regions show highest prices in another region.

Regards to the food supply process most of Sri Lankans are used to consume foods with highly nutritious and qualitative. So, it is vital to concern on reunion and promotion of these nutritional foods for our dietary pattern.

Ministry of Agriculture, southern province is going to make necessary arrangements to supply quantitative and qualitative foods for southern livelihoods within the five consecutive years concern on above described fundamentals as the proprietor of the food supply and distribution section.